About David

David is a 27 year old male, currently residing in Portland, Oregon. He likes cooking and food, traveling, reading a ton and writing about himself in the third person. Most of his (terrible) jokes are at his own expense and delve in to his massive insecurities and flaws.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with 100s of companies on their digital strategy in an agency setting, including Ninkasi and McDonalds. The best websites are ones that live, breathe and grow with their owners, which is why I routinely put on a 2-day workshop to build your own site.

I currently reside in Portland, Oregon and spend my time helping clients, writing books and volunteering on the TEDxConcordiaUP planning team. My email is david@davidvanveen.com and my Twitter is @dtvanveen.

About This Site

Welcome to my site. This is where I talk a lot about projects I am working on, failures, things I have learned the hard way, and anything else I feel like at the moment.

I use this site to keep myself honest, even when honesty is difficult. Especially when it is difficult.

This is also where I have chosen to launch a book I wrote — 29 Credits: A Guide to Hacking College — where I chronicle a term where I made it through 29 credits in college. In it, I take a practical approach to updating how you organize, study and motivate yourself so that you are able to do more of what you love, even if that isn’t taking an obscene amount of classes.