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29 Credits Cover with BorderCollege sucks. You don’t get enough time to hang out with your friends. You are stressed out. Classes are boring and difficult. You study all the time and still don’t get the grades you want.

The bad news is that this kit won’t make all of that go away. The good news, though, is that it will help you get through the shitty parts so that you have a lot more time to spend doing what you love.

This means more time with friends. More time for parties. More time for dates. Without having your grades suffer.

How the hell do you do that?

I took the time to put together the College Hacking Kit because when I was in school, I hated it. I wanted to be done so badly that my final term I took 29 credits between 7 classes and two schools, just so I didn’t have to go for another term.  (I even made Honor Roll that term!)

“High school and college are different. High school requires you to keep up. College allows you to get ahead.”

 29 Credits?! Are you a super genius?!

Hell no. In fact, you are probably way smarter than I am (and definitely better looking).

I’m not anyone special — I just used special techniques that kept me organized, motivated and that made me succeed. In the College Hacking Kit, I share all of those techniques.

All of them.

Things like how to post your progress to Facebook so that you stay accountable. How to give updates to your family so they send you awesome care packages. How to handle the stress that does come.

 I even teach you to Speed Read.

These techniques allowed me to read and take notes on over 200 pages per day. Write over 100 pages of papers as an undergrad, in a single 10-week term. While doing this, I even expanded out my network and got free help from professors during office hours.

Want to look under the hood? Here is the Table of Contents and some sample content.

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What People Are Saying:

Mike blew me away with the results from him.
Mike blew me away with his results. He gives the credit to me, but he put in the work!


In this kit, you will learn to…

Hack College

Using your syllabus correctly, you will learn how you can save yourself from the end of the term death week by spreading your work out.

Beat Procrastination

Do you kick yourself for waiting until the last possible moment every time? Me too. I teach a method of scheduling time first, then fitting work in to it, eliminating procrastination.

Study Correctly

If you are going to study, do it right. This book is packed with methods you can use to properly take and remember notes, record lectures, read and work — all more efficiently. Spend less time to learn more. Seriously.

Meet the Right People

Gain a powerful network of editors, professors, study partners and friends to improve the quality of your work and land internships

Keep a Daily Schedule

Get taken step-by-step through creating a weekly calendar. I make it so easy that you will stick to it.

Graduate Early!

Yeah, with these techniques, you can graduate early without any additional time spent working.

Use Wikipedia, Correctly

Learn how to use Wikipedia correctly, so you don’t piss off your professors

Midterms? Finals?

Review for midterms and finals without cramming (which doesn’t work anyways!)

Take Notes (Correctly!)

Not all note taking is created equally. Stop wasting time doing it wrong!

Stay Motivated

Motivate yourself by learning to break down huge daunting assignments in to small, tangible tasks so that you can start right away

Two Words: Speed Reading

Quiet your inner monologue and increase your reading by 200% to start.

So. Much. More.

About the Author

So, who’s behind this?

Hey! I’m David Van Veen, a digital strategist, community organizer and author. My final term of college, I took 29 credits in a single term while battling depression, a cold and a girlfriend that no longer wanted to be my girlfriend.

My goal is to help other students hate college less than I did, and get a better education — meaning, you get to learn about the things you really like while breezing through the classes you can’t stand.

I live in Portland, Oregon, and love our coffee and beer. You should follow me on Twitter (@dtvanveen) so we can meet up and chat when I’m in your area.

  • College Hacking Digital Kit
  • $19
  • 29 Credits in PDF, EPUB and MOBI
  • Day Planner Guide
  • Hacker Notes for Quick Reference

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this really help me?

Yes, if you implement even a few of my techniques, you will have a much easier term. If you don’t feel like the kit is helpful, just reply to your purchase receipt email within 30 days and I will happily refund your money. Seriously.

Which package should I buy?

That really depends on you and your budget. The largest is of course the best, but the book by itself still contains a ridiculous number of strategies and tactics for you to use.

Where can I learn more about you?

My site is — there is great info about me all over here!

What file formats are included?

For the book, I include in .pdf as well as a .mobi and .epub so you can easily view it on your desktop, iPad, phone or Kindle. Sometimes devices don’t display the .mobi/.epub correctly, and unfortunately, there isn’t anything I can do for that. The .pdf looks great though!

Videos are in .mp4 format and audio are in .mp3 — everything is DRM free so you shouldn’t have any issues continuing to use all of the resources.

You didn’t answer my question.

Well, that isn’t a question. Still, send me an email or a message on Twitter (@dtvanveen) and I will help you out!

  • College Hacking Digital Kit
  • $19
  • 29 Credits in PDF, EPUB and MOBI
  • Day Planner Guide
  • Hacker Notes for Quick Reference

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