What It’s All About

I appreciate your interest in becoming an affiliate marketer for 29 Credits. I want to make this not suck for you, as most affiliate programs are terrible (Amazon affiliates start at 4% for example!). As an affiliate, you are putting in the work for sales you garner — I just provide the product. I recognize that so your share is 51% of all sales you make. 

Some of the most successful affiliates are current students, schools doing fundraising, fraternities and sororities, clubs on campus and current internet marketers. I made this easy so that anyone is able to do it — not prior experience or technical expertise needed.

Money, money, money…MONEY!

As I mentioned, I am going to give you 51% of the sales you make. I take my affiliate program seriously. I use E-junkie to handle all of my digital distribution, which means all you need to do it sign up and sell. All logistics are handled by them and you get paid the first week of each month! This allows me to update content as needed (which gets automatically distributed out to customers!) and allows you to focus on selling.

How It Works

You get 29 Credits in front of people by promoting it on your own site and having users purchase directly, or sending people here using a specialized link. This gives you the flexibility to promote anywhere online, including Facebook, Twitter or even on print material at events! E-junkie recognizes that traffic is from you, and when someone buys, the sale is recorded to your account. That is basically it. It is easy. Still, here is a step-by-step walkthrough for Affiliates at E-junkie.

Become an Affiliate

Questions? Chuck me an email.